Creative Arts Ministry

About the Ministry

The creative arts ministry comprises of five departments; Art and Design, creative music, dance, poetry and Theatre formally drama. It is the ministry in charge of promoting the union's objectives through talents, i.e identifying talents within the union and helping the members of the union explore and build on their talents as stated in article 7 of the union's constitution.
We serve God through our talents . Our motto: WHAT WE MAKE OUT OF OUR TALENTS IS A GIFT BACK TO GOD.

you are highly welcome to serve in any of our departments

It's sparkly orchestrated,
From the finest of all talents,
To the perfection of the product,
It may seem ordinarily common,
But the blend of our ideas create an image,
Paints a paint,makes art,constructs materials,
Aping God's work of art.
Though it's from within,it reflects God's hidden art from without,
It's special to stare and worthy to appreciate,
It's never gone,never lost cause it's worth a second glance,
It's art and design.

Like a porter smiles at the array of his models so does the human soul need a vessel for the absorption of the stream of calmness and a reflection of the rays of disturbance,thus comes in poetry,marked by words in their splendor and beauty,poetry is spontaneous overflow of ideas that traverse faster and deeper than light employing alliteration,rhyme,assonance, and consonance.
To us poetry is an instrument to raise consciousness and more a consciousness of God.

For a moment let's feel free enjoying breaking the laws of grammar,
Let's walk in mimicry, talk in actions put on our best performances, this is the only time we will condone scenes as we stage our acts.
We will display what grammar alone cannot through drama and try to relive moments from Genesis to Revelation through Acts.
This is no theatre but we aim to open up your heart to the Producer of all,
For a change of your character, that you may play the background and He may have the center stage in your life.

Why we sing, Kirk Franklin.

We dance,we move with the rhythmic steps of the music,
From Daudi's olden dance to the current odi dance that may in the future be the only dance,
With our shuffling feet we give glory to our King,
Rumba to for Him we will dance to Hiphop different tune,
Traditional dance to Salsa tutakatika katika Yesu,
Question is,will you? yes you!!

Some of you call what we do creative,
Some of you label it as art,
We call it the outward expression of the inner self for the glory of our maker,
Cause only in Him can we live,move and have our being.
So kama una talanta but umekalia jua ni juu yako that probably msee ako kwa dhambi analia.

Courtesy of poetry department @ 2018

Ministry Events

Creative arts ministry prayers, - every Thursday from 6 p.m to 7 p.m

Art and design meetings - Saturday (after a fortnight)

Creative music meetings - every Saturday

Creative music prayer and fasting - every Thursday

Dance meetings and practices - every Saturday 4p.m - 6p.m

Poetry meetings - every Saturday 4 p.m - 6 p.m

Poetry Prayer and fasting - every Wednesday

Theatre meetings and practices- every Thursday from 4 p.m to 6 p.m and Saturday 3 p.m to 6 p.m

Talents night/search - as scheduled on the semester calendar
creative arts moment - as scheduled on the semester calendar
Retreats - as planned and agreed upon by members( with no interference to other unions activities)


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