About Christian Union KarU

We, Karatina University Main Campus Christian Union being a body of Christian students bound together by a common faith in the only God and joined together in the Heavenly calling of Christ according to the Holy Bible, do declare that this body shall be non-political, non-denominational, voluntary and non-partisan. We further declare that no provision herein shall or be construed as to qualify defeat or in any matter contrary to the Holy Scriptures.

About Jesus Christ

... Our conclusion must be that there is no Christianity without Christ; all centers in Him... Jesus has been acclaimed as the greatest religious leader who ever lived, as being the most influential person to have lived on our planet, and as being unique to the degree that no one can be compared to Him. But considering Jesus Christ merely on the basis of an exemplary life and His superior moral teaching will not remove the stumbling blocks to Christianity raised by an unbelieving world... read more

Our Vision

To evangelize, nurture, train, unite and enlighten students with Biblical principles, to act as good role model and responsible members of the society.

Our mission

To be transformers of this generation in and out of the campus being models of God’s creation.

Core Values

Accountability, Integrity, Unity, Stewardship, Excellence and Discipline

Semester Calendar


About the Calendar
The Christian Union program comprisses of virtually all activites to be undertaken by the Christian Union within the semester of the named university; this includes our fellowships and the scheduled time. Members and concerned parties are adviced to download their copies by clicking the download icon at the bottom of the displayed program

Changes to the Program
In case changes are made they shall be communicated through hesecretary of the union in a fellowship gathering. The same announcement shall be made through the various Christian union platforms such as this.


Dec 12


Suspension Of Semester Events

Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We hope you are well and safe. We would wish to bring to your
attention some highlights on some changes to our ministry service delivery

All Christian Union activities have been suspended with effect from Thursday 3RD December
2020. We encourage members to be visiting our Online platform where we shall be constantly uploading materials for spiritual growth and to keep you up to date.

Our Online social media pages i.e. Tweeter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube shall remain fully functional
throughout this break.

The executive, FOCUS staff and Advisory Board will still be in session Online to address your needs,
We highly recommend Online meetings rather than booking physical meetings.

Members are advised not to share unnecessary content in our social media platforms so as to reduce tension and panic. We encourage sharing messages of hope and devotions to relevant WhatsApp groups.
Above all, let us keep in prayer our institution and for God’s grace and intervention during this time. Let us
hold unto the hope we have in Christ.

Order of Events


17:00-19:00 Hrs


17:00-19:00 Hrs


09:00-17:00 Hrs

08:00-20:00 Hrs


08:00-20:00 Hrs


08:00-20:00 Hrs