Ruring’u Mission

praising and woshipping at Ruring’u .

Creative arts Ministry Sunday

Creative arts Ministry posing for a photo during their sunday.

Orship Kesha

The Union members praising and woshipping on a kesha.


Ushers posing for photo during their sunday.

The Quest Magazine Prototype

Members enjoying reading the Quest Magazine Prototype .

Elders Night

Elders sharing their cake during the elders night.

Destiny Choir

Destiny Choir posing for a photo during their sunday

Chania River at Skuta Nyeri

Members of the Union having fun at the bank of River Chania after witnessing baptism during skuta mission.

2016 Finalist

The 2016 Finalist who successively attended Vuka Fit Programme

Vice Chairperson

Vice Chairperson receives a certificate of leadership from Fridah Luceci, an advisory board member, during a sunday service

Skuta Mission

Worship session at Skuta Mission ground

Weekily Events
Union Missions

Members Registration

We highly recommend students from Karatina University and the undergraduates interested in the Union to register with us. as a member, one is entitled to lots of privellegs as stipulated in the Union's constitution.
click on the links to register for both the regular memebership as well Associates registration.



Karatina University Main Campus Christian Union is a fellowship of Students from Karatina university who are united by the desire lead a life as a true disciple of Christ and to share the good news of Jesus Christ within and outside the Campus.
We are a diverse group of people from a range of backgrounds who are all united around this VISION: 'To be transformers of this generation in and out of the campus being models of God’s creation.'
Our faith is a huge part of our lives and we want to share it with our friends, course mates and whoever we can! We put on regular events that give people exactly this opportunity, allowing them to investigate Christianity for themselves and ask any questions they might have.